The Maman Group is proud to be at the forefront of logistics and aviation services in Israel, boasting world leading services and technological innovation. The Group’s subsidiaries, all of which are leaders in their respective fields, provide comprehensive services to both commercial bodies and the foremost companies in the market, including cargo management and ground-handling services for airlines, supply chain management (SCM), and third-party logistics (TPL). The Group was established in 1974 as a state-owned company, and was privatized in 1989. Maman is currently part of Taaavura Holdings LTD.

קבוצת ממן, אייקון, שירותים לוגיסטיים

קבוצת ממן, אייקון, שילוח אווירי

קבוצת ממן, אייקון, שירותי תעופה

קבוצת ממן, אייקון, שרשרת אספקה

קבוצת ממן, אייקון, חברות לוגיסטיקה

קבוצת ממן, אייקון, ארכיב 2000

We Offer More through Synergy

The Maman Group consists of 12 subsidiaries that are independently managed yet share common core values, and operate in keeping with a united vision and uniform standards of quality. The Group can therefore offer its customers complete synergistic solutions in a one-stop-shop format. Our broad backing ensures dependable, flexible, and continuous solutions for all projects irrespective of their scope or complexity. All of these elements serve to place Maman at the forefront of logistics in Israel, providing unsurpassed, high quality solutions for its select clientele.

We Understand You Through and Through

Maman utilizes advanced computerized technology and innovative logistics equipment to ensure that it is available to its customers 24 hours a day. Notwithstanding these technical capabilities, Maman’s most powerful asset is its staff. The Group’s dedicated employees pay close attention to the logistics and business challenges facing their clients, and strive to provide an optimal response to each client’s personal needs. The keen service orientation that drives all Maman employees ensures exceptional and dedicated service of the highest caliber.

Continually Striving for Innovation

At Maman, we measure our success by that of our clients. In order to ensure that this success continues to build, we constantly stay abreast of global trends, implement advanced management techniques, and provide a wealth of creative and dynamic solutions to lead both the Group and its clients to optimal performance and maximum business efficiency.

Maman was founded as a governmental company and underwent a privatization process starting from 1989. Today, the company is traded in the Tel Aviv stock exchange by the name of Maman Cargo Terminals Ltd. The Maman Group ownership structure is made up of 65% in the control of the Ta’avura holdings company, 15% in the control of El Al, while the remaining 20% are owned by the public. Information about Maman at the Stock Exchange website Financial statements Stock exchange notices