The Group operates according to a strict code of ethics, professionalism, transparency, and reciprocity in all of its business practices. This code is in keeping with its standing as an international company with global business connections and as a key player on the Israeli business scene, and also is a result of a deeply ingrained sense of integrity and a firm belief that fair business practices are the key to success. Our keen sense of curiosity, creativity, and openness to innovation has allowed us to remain at the forefront of the management world. We continue to regularly examine new logistics methodologies and technological developments in order to improve and enhance the services that we offer our customers.

A Corporate Climate That Encourages Openness and Reciprocity

Maman believes in maintaining an atmosphere of complete transparency and openness in all of the company’s various sectors and at every level of company management. We believe that mutual learning and the nurturing of human potential are a key component of the organization’s operational excellence, allowing Maman to offer its customers exceptional standards of service. Our unique corporate climate is the result of a rich tradition of sound management, mutual respect, as well as a legacy of fair and appropriate and principled business practices.

Commitment to Professionalism, Quality and Dependability

Maman utilizes state-of-the-art technology and proven methods of management in order to deliver high caliber, dependable and continuous services and processes. We nevertheless strive to continually improve our services via a comprehensive quality control system and by utilizing intra-organizational improvement processes. Maman also implements these high quality standards in its dealings with local and international suppliers. The latter are carefully selected based upon stringent criteria of quality and reliability. It is our adherence to these professional standards that have earned us our stellar reputation, and we are fully committed to maintaining them.

Openness to New Ideas and the Development of Broader Vistas

We believe that any entity that does not learn cannot grow. We therefore utilize our accumulated knowledge and in-depth familiarity with the world of logistics to continually enhance our professional expertise and impart new skills and knowledge to our staff. We are deeply involved in our customers’ ongoing endeavors, and oftentimes operate at critical junctures in an organization’s development. We therefore view the enhancement of client processes as our crucial responsibility on the one hand, and as a vital driving force for mutual success on both a personal and professional level on the other. We believe that sharing the knowledge that we have accumulated, and disseminating it among our clients, creates fertile ground for growth and cooperation.

In order to illustrate its commitment to ensuring proper management, and upholding consistently high standards of quality and service, the Maman Group has anchored its policies and managerial guidelines in an organizational code of ethics at both an organizational and individual level.