The Maman Group’s archiving companies, Archive 2000 Ltd. and Jerusalem Archive Ltd., are among Israel’s leading companies in the fields of archiving, computerized document filing and storage, as well as document scanning. These companies offer Israel’s leading organizations professional and comprehensive services including packaging and transport of materials from the client’s location, computerization and retrieval of files and documents, destruction of documents on the client’s request, and scanning of archived materials according to scan-on demand.

The companies store roughly 1.5 million storage boxes over 20,000m² in some of Israel’s most advanced physical and computerized archive centers. Their clients include financial bodies, banks, insurance companies, the Income Tax Authority, The National Insurance Institute, the Courts Administration, government ministries, health funds, hospitals, as well as law and accounting firms, all of which have opted to utilize the advanced solutions provided by our archiving companies to handle the sensitive information at their disposal.

Reliability and Confidentiality Above All
We provide comprehensive archiving services, which enable our clients to maintain stringent standards of confidentiality on the one hand, and access and manage their documents simply, easily, and efficiently on the other. The sophisticated computerized systems at our disposal utilize advanced and reliable Information Security Technology that is of a leading international standard. Our computerized filing system offers companies complete control over their clients’ records down to the individual file. This system also allows remote access for authorized personnel at any time and from any location worldwide, utilizing a secured internet interface. Our computerized system enables file location by cross-section, report production, and real-time tracking and instructions, without the use of telephones, faxes, or paperwork. Our storage facilities features robust security services as well as sophisticated electronic security devices that are managed via a manned control center.

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