The Maman Group’s Cargo Terminal provides Israel’s leading storage, import and export services. The terminal, located in Ben Gurion Airport, was established in 1974 and conveniently unites all of the various organizations that deal with cargo under one roof, including airline representatives, customs agents, cargo agents, cargo transport companies, economic and government organizations, bank and post office branches, transportation providers, etc. The Terminal thus ensures unified, concentrated and effective logistics solutions for international companies and organizations, as well as government bodies. The Terminal handles some 300,000 tons of cargo annually, and has provided advanced and comprehensive logistics services, as well as reliable and high quality personal service for decades.

Proven Leadership in the Israeli Market
The Terminal is fully adapted to the needs of the Israeli market and the methods used by Israeli cargo and shipping agents. The Terminal handles cargo from the agent’s bill of lading through consolidations to direct airline bills of lading. Clients may use the Terminal’s website to make service orders and track their cargo, or to receive bills of lading, associated paperwork, and status reports in real time. Everything can be done online, ensuring complete transparency and high operational efficiency for the clients, while also saving them considerable time and money. The range of logistics and storage services offered by Maman Cargo Terminals includes safes, dedicated storage services for various materials, cooling halls, warehouses for storing pharmaceutical products, and more. The storage center is operated and managed using advanced computerized technology and physical infrastructures, as well as optimal automated processes. In conjunction with our standard operational routines, we are also equipped to offer custom-made services including accompaniment of sensitive cargo, service at immediate notice, and handling of special insurance demands.

Continually Improving Our Customer Service
We are attentive to our clients’ needs, and make every effort to offer our clients appropriate solutions. We have consequently established an automatic storage and tracking system at a cost of roughly EUR 5 million, and have also launched a comprehensive upgrade of our computerized systems. As part of our continuous efforts to improve customer relations, we have also established a new telephone service center and have increased the number of customer service representatives available to our clients. Our marked investment in development, our logistical strength and our close cooperation with other Maman Group subsidiaries, have all enabled us to supply comprehensive services and retain our status as Israel’s leading logistics company over time.

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