Our social activities within the community help generate change and supply a wealth of opportunities for growth and success. As in the business world, our community action is founded upon a belief in hands on activities and a commitment to generating new conditions in the field. We invest in rehabilitative facilities in order to narrow social gaps and give new opportunities to at-risk populations. Concurrently, we also support cultural and educational facilities that create broad based opportunities for youths to excel in various cultural pursuits.

Unique Youth Projects

The Maman Group has sponsored and supported the Lod Youth Orchestra for many years. As part of this collaboration, the company grants music scholarships to dozens of young musicians, renews the stock of available musical instruments as needed, and sponsors musical enrichment activities for all symphony members including visits to the Israeli Philharmonic Orchestra and the opera. In this vein, the company has also sponsored the youth ballroom dancing group in the city of Lod, and will help to establish a practice facility for this group in the future. We see the potential inherent in each individual, and believe that with the proper guidance we can all achieve more. The company’s employees are therefore involved in a wealth of volunteer activities, and help to generate change for Israel’s future generations with their own two hands.