KLP Maman –Innovative Quality, Guaranteed Performance
KLP Maman provides security and loss prevention services to leading companies and organizations worldwide. The company employs innovative risk detection and prediction methods that incorporate state-of-the-art technology, training of human capital and resources, utilization of surveys to minimize risks, the implementation of procedures and work methods across the operations network, and more. In the course of its operations, the company places considerable emphasis on the availability and distribution speed of solutions, on continuous service, and on complete accountability.

Security and Loss Prevention Experts
KLP Maman works with organizations with complex security demands, fixed procedures and varied physical and intellectual assets. The company’s vast experience in various market segments and among leading clients, gives it a complete view of the totality of the clients’ security needs and risk potential, and allows it to quickly and reliably implement policy solutions and optimal process security measures in order to prevent losses and abnormal events before they even transpire. The company’s loss prevention department specializes in four separate fields: project management geared toward preventing organizational losses, generation of security policies aimed at loss prevention and their implementation in the field, designation and implementation of solutions for human resource networks, and the incorporation of technological devices in loss prevention.

KLP Maman’s security division provides services in the following fields: security and military training, ongoing consultation on security issues, defense of operations networks and the supply chain, as well as data and information security services.

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