Logisticare provides SCM (Supply Chain Management) and logistic process optimization services for leading Israeli companies. We enlist our broad backing and the synergistic might inherent in the Maman Group to provide quality, comprehensive services including storage, management and operation of distribution centers, inventory management, and the handling of product orders, returns and repairs. In addition, the company offers added value services such as: operation of production and packing lines, and the preparation of equipment and kits for production. The services we supply are founded upon decades of experience working with leading clients in various market sectors, world-leading information and logistics systems, and a broad-based storage and distribution network. The wide range of value-added services that we offer have led our clients – including El Al, Partner Communications, Teva Pharmaceutical Industries, Abic Biological Laboratories, Coca Cola, Unilever, Shufersal Ltd., and H&O, among others – to view us an important logistics partner that not only helps optimize various processes but also offers smart and advanced solutions.

Clearing the Path for Business Growth
The company’s logistics network – which includes 10 storage sites covering a total area of 180,000 m², bonded warehouses, a staff of 600 skilled employees, a fleet of trucks, production lines and electronics, and communications laboratories – is available to our clients at any time and at any destination in keeping with a clearly defined Service Level Agreement (SLA). Our supply network is supported by advanced computerized and automated solutions and broad-based infrastructures that provide quality overall management and ensure adherence to both Israeli and international standards. The wide variety of solutions we provide is geared towards improved service to the end client, the improvement of future analysis and planning processes, operational flexibility, cost efficiency, and optimal inventory management and distribution. As a result, our clients can focus on developing their businesses with support from a leading, professional, and reliable logistics partner.

Logisticare Bonded – Comprehensive Solutions for the Supply Chain

Logisticare Bonded, a subsidiary of Logisticare, was the first Israeli company to offer 4PL services. The company provides comprehensive solutions across the entire supply chain and is expanding its added value services to the acquisition of intermediate products and scheduling services. The company was founded upon the highest professional standards, economic strength, advanced technological infrastructures, and operational strength of a global standard. As part of a comprehensive management strategy for the supply chain, the company offers air and sea freight services, customs release services, as well as unloading, storage and delivery services of imported goods for the end client.

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